​​​​​​​​At Laleen Eco-Green Cleaning Services, we don't just clean the accessible and visible, dirty surfaces of your home or small business office, we also clean the invisible surfaces as well. According to the EPA (environmental protection agency), the air quality inside ofmost homes is up to 4X more polluted than the air outside no matter how good of a house keeper you are. Laleen Eco-Green Cleaning Service believes that your home needs to be not just clean but also healthy; hence why, as a way of saying, thank you for trusting us with all your cleaning needs, we're offering every client our complimentary service; and that is to utilize our highly recommended Hepa Air Purifier to help to improve your indoor air quality by getting rid of allergens like: dust, dust mites, pet danger, pollens, mold spores, rag weed, etc. that can trigger allergies, asthma, and potentially cause other respiratory problems in sensitive people. Our Hepa Air Purifier will help to capture and kill airborne bacteria, germs and viruses up to 99.97% and down to 0.3 microns in every home or business that we visit. Now that's what we call a "Supreme Green Whistle-Clean." And that's the high level of service that you can expect from us on every visit. Here at Laleen Eco-Green Cleaning Services, We don't believe that house cleaning should be a burden to you and your pocket. Neither should home cleaning get in your way of your work, personal appointments, spending time with your friends and families, rest & relaxation, tight work schedules and meeting strict work deadlines. You already have enough other things to worry about, so go ahead take the time to focus on those things and let the professionals here at Laleen Eco-Green Cleaning Services worry about all the dust, dirt, and grime. 

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Carpet Cleaning 
Since Carpets cover so many square feet of your home/office, they are usually highly trafficked areas and spend most of its time gathering dust, dirt, stains from spills, bearing witness to pet accidents and odors, and housing many critters that loves to hide themselves deep inside of the carpet fibers. With all those unhealthy elements lying deep inside of your carpet, your carpet has now become a dangerous item and can possess an immediate safety risk to your health and well-being, by triggering allergies or cause respiratory problems. At Laleen Eco-Green, we don't just clean carpets, but we also sterilize them; thanks to the heat used in Steam Cleaning, which is the most advance carpet cleaning method on the market today. Steam Cleaning is commonly refer to as hot water extraction and it is the cleaning method recommended by most carpet manufacturers. This method, combined with our specifically formulated environmentally cleaning solution, will safely and effectively remove the toughest deepest dirt and stubborn stains, by working its way deep down from the inside of the carpet fibers, then powerfully extracting the embedded dirt, stains, dust mites, germs, bacteria, insect eggs, etc., that are commonly found in carpets; leaving your carpet clean, fresh, and dry in no time; but most importantly, improving yourindoor air quality and promoting a healthy environment. Did you know that even though there isn't any visible stain to the naked eye on your carpet, it is still necessary to have your carpet clean regularly to remove the oily sticky substance that builds up in the pile as a result of cooking vapors, air pollution and dirt that can filter and settled deep inside of the carpet fibers? Laleen Eco-Green understands Carpet Cleaning and we know how to properly maintain, care for, and how to add new life to your carpets. 

An improperly maintained carpet will show wear and tear, its colors will fade much quicker and it will require replacement much sooner than one that is usually clean regularly. Don't let this happen to you. Protect your investment by having your carpets cleaned by the professionals at Laleen Eco-Green Cleaning Services. We will always visit and inspect the carpet, noting any heavily-soiled areas, carry out test and then provide you with a free quotation. We offer specials and discounts if you bundle your carpet cleaning with general house cleaning. Please visit the coupon area for details. We guarantee all our work to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Call us today to get a free no obligation quote.

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Upholstery Cleaning
Stains and spills are inevitable, but they don't have to be permanent. Proper upholstery cleaning by Laleen Eco-Green can remove those stubborn stains and spots, brightens your fabric colors, removed pollutants which can be potentially harmful to your health, and add life to your upholstered furniture. Your sofas, chairs, couch recliner, and other upholstered furniture are just some of the things that you've spend your hard earned money on to make your home comfortable and look luxuriously beautiful; and so the beauty and life of your upholstered furniture depends on the tender care of knowledgeable professionals. Our professionally trained upholstery Technician, can deliver excellent cleaning results to help you protect your upholstered furniture investment by keeping you from having to replace them prematurely. Hair, colors transferring from clothing, dead skin cells, sweat, body oil, and more, can get trapped on your upholstered furniture causing it to look stained, dirty, and greasy; therefore regular care and maintenance is needed to keep your upholstery smelling fresh and looking revitalizing. Dust, dirt, bacteria, dust mites, mildew, pet danger mold and other allergens, can find comfort in your upholstery, thus becoming harmful to your health by causing all sort of chronic respiratory problems and nasal discomfort. 

Did you know that- in some cases even though you cannot see any visible stains on your upholstery, it doesn't mean that your upholstery is clean? This is true because, Bacteria and other microscopic organisms can go unnoticed to the naked eye and if not removed can potentially affect your health and well-being; that's why following the most effective upholstery cleaning method, using the right equipment, and applying the best cleaning solutions, can collectively and effectively play a vital role in removing and destroying those contaminants, as a result, improving your indoor air quality, and protecting your asset. 

Our specially formulated upholstery cleaning solutions is safe for children, pets, the environment, and all kind of upholstery, even the most delicate materials. We are able to offer low moisture cleaning or steam cleaning so that we can deliver the best results at faster drying time in as little as 30 minutes. Your precious upholstered furniture's requires a gently approach. Why not trust the professionals at Laleen Eco-Green to treat them with the tender loving care they deserve. Call us today! You'd be glad you did!

Prior to beginning any upholstery cleaning process, first a professional Upholstery Technician will inspect every piece of upholstery, and its manufacturer labeling in order to create an action plan; then once a proper upholstery cleaning method is determined based on your specific upholstery material information, a trained expert will work on removing all stains, reviving your upholstery and brighten up the colors.

Need your Upholstery clean? Then call Laleen Eco-Green!

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